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Been a While

It has been a while since I posted anything. Lots has been happening. The world is good, if a bit stressful.

I am working hard for FEMA defining interoperability system requirements. It is a way back to my fish cannery days.  Wow, started working full time in 1973 and have not stopped yet. When you love what you do, and can be surrounded with people you respect, you want to work forever. It is better than play. Life is good.

Also working hard to support my wife in her convalescence from surgery. The new kidney is working well. Praise God. And thank the wonderful team at Walter Reed.  May God’s blessing be with all of my friends and colleagues for the new year!

Open Platform for Emergency Networks

I have been working on the FEMA contract now for about a month. The Disaster Management team is a good team. The project has a real mission of service to those who put their life on the line for the American public every day. Of course it is a Federal program, meaning that it is difficult to coordinate and rife with bureaucratic impediments to immediate success. Of course, because it is a Federal Program, we team members can take a somewhat longer view. We can do a little more planning and actually define requirements before we are off into development land. Better planning versus more bureaucracy. It will be an interesting balance.