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This pages contain an eclectic set of materials, documents, and “stuff” that I offer with now warrantee or guarantee of usefulness or accuracy. (Forewarned is for armed. :-)) Please note that information directly related to IPAWS-OPEN Interoperable development is on a different page. Unless otherwise marked, there is no copyright or other restriction on the use of this material, except that at the source ( be identified if it is reused in code and/or a product or document of some kind.


Here are some downloadable files from NIEM elements as EDXL-DE Metadata presentation at the NIEM National Training Event of August 2011:

  1. PowerPoint as PDF
  2. Code List Schema
  3. EDXL-DE example

Here is the draft of a NIEM Emergency Management Domain paper on the use of  Adapters related to Emergency Standards.

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