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I was working on a technically successful project that I loved. And still love for that matter. But there were political issues that I simply will not reveal in a public post. At any rate, after five years of success, things are likely to change…. ”

I am not likely to be let go in the change. I have solid skills and a fairly well recognized position with my current employer. But I am also looking to the future. The end of my tenure on this project may give me the opportunity to try something a bit different. And that does not mean looking for long-term regular employment at another “major company.” I am 55. I cannot even pretend that I wish to have a “growing new career in a new exciting company.”

But I have valuable skills, and a desire to keep them sharp, and to make them available to others. So, I built this website as an experiment. We will see where it leads… Contact me if you have questions.

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