Is There a bug in the CIQ xAL Schema?


The following is a geek post on XML Schema, Customer Information Quality (CIQ), and Microsoft Visual Studio. I am blogging it here so I can easily refer to it in e-mails or future posts.

I am trying to convert some Resource Messaging examples to CIQ 3.0 for our Resource Messaging Specification. It was working well. I figured out most of the differences and was making some progress when I suddenly got unexpected “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object” and Unhandled “System.NullReferenceException in XML Editor” errors in MS Studio 2005.

It occurred when changing element names from xal:Name to xal:NameElement for either xalAdministrativeArea or xal:Locality.
Interestingly, it does not happen when changing xal:Name to xal:NameElement for xal:Country.


Not trusting the expensive Microsoft product, I returned to my free-ware X-Ray from Architag International. It detected what it believes to be an error in the xAL schema. The following is the text of the error message:

Invalid content type by extension, extension is not allowed by Base Type: ‘{urn:oasis:name:ciq:xal:3 }NameType’ Derived Type.

Schema Error Location /schema{1}/complexType[position()=1 @name= ‘AddressType’]/sequence[1]/element[position() = 4 @name = “Locality”/complexType[1]/sequence[1]/element[position0 = 1 @name = [‘NameElement’]/complexType[1]/complexContent[1]/extension[1]

Perhaps that is why Visual studio is choking. It is certainly in the same place (xal:Locality NameElement).

Question: Can anyone verify the authenticity of the error?

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