Tweeting CAP Alert Headlines for Alerts Received Through DM-OPEN from 36000 Feet

It works — Mostly.  I had one of my team members working with me on Disaster Management Interoperability Services post OASIS Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Alerts to a test organization (aka COG for collaborative Operations Group) from 4 very different tools (E-Team, CellCast, MyStateUSA, and DMIS Toolset). He made these posts while I was traveling to California at 36000 feet on a commercial airline that offers wi-fi internet access.  At the same time I was running an application on my laptop inside the airplane that I wrote last week that that polls the DM-OPEN COG which my team member was posting to.  This polling software picked up each of the Alerts and posted them as tweets to my Twitter account (grandpaham). This blog ( also picks up my tweets in a plug-in on its sidebar from Twitter.   There was one anomaly.  I know that all four of my tweets reached Twitter successfully, because my blog picked them all up successfully. However, one of the Tweets (DMIS  Toolset) did not show on my direct Twitter page.

?????????? My blog retrieved the headline from Twitter, so I know it got there. But my Twitter page did not show it.  So, I have an unanswered question, for sure. Why did Twitter not display the last tweet?

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