Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

  • For those with Bible study backgrounds: Reading the NIEM Naming and Design Rules is like reading Leviticus in the Old Testament. #
  • @trevbhatt Worse than King James. Think of crossing of super geek data concepts with IRS tax law (like Leviticus mixes tax and life rules) in reply to trevbhatt #
  • For those who may wonder based on previous tweets – I do think NIEM style IEPDs make a lot of sense. They actually make NIEM valuable. #
  • Just completed the online coursework for the NIEM Practical Implementers Course. Good material. You need to know XML Schema well first. #
  • The Capstone Exercise for NIEM appears to include an incomplete subset schema compared to what the instructions say. Makes it hard to do. #
  • @NIEMExecDir My objective in taking the NIEM coursework and reading the entire NDR is to make EDXL/NIEM work together. – OASIS EM-TC founder in reply to NIEMExecDir #

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