Save Seven Lives – Be an Organ Donor

This is a somewhat out of context post for this site, but today is an out of context day.  I am sitting in the surgical waiting room and Walter Reed Hospital in DC while my wife of 33 years receives the kidney transplant she has been waiting for for 2 1/2 years.  We both thank God for this chance to extend her life and make it whole again.  Even more, we thank the donor, and the donor’s family, for having the courage and generosity to help others in their time of grief.   Donor’s who die with healthy organs can save seven lives: two kidneys, a heart, a lung, a pancreas, a liver and a small intestine.  So sign up.  I have.  It is a chance to live beyond life. And to gain the eternal gratitude of folks like me and the person I have loved for so many years.

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