IPAWS-OPEN Live Demonstration (XML Geeks only)

The notice below is an invitation to view IPAWS-OPEN 2.0 live via a SOAP UI connection.  It will be of value to people who read XML and wish to see the capabilities of IPAWS-OPEN 2.0 as it works today.  There are no “regular user” gui interfaces.  Just Raw XML.  But, it will be a live demonstration and will cover all of the current capabilities of IPAWS-OPEN 2.0.  So, if you read XML, please join us.  You will be able to see an unvarnished, live demonstration of IPAWS-OPEN 2.0 message exchange.
If you want a pretty GUI for the exchange, you will not see it here.  But YOU CAN BUILD IT for your customers.  And what you see can be a foundation.

Live Demonstration, XML Messages To and From
The Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS)
Open Platform for Emergency Networks (OPEN) 2.0
Wednesday February 16, 12:00 Noon Eastern

Please note: The audio set up for this program has changed per below.  In order to check your audio set up, staff member Amy Sebring will be logged in by 11:30 AM Eastern to provide assistance.

IPAWS-OPEN enables the interoperable sharing of emergency alerts and incident-related data between systems that comply with non-proprietary information standards, and serves as the message aggregator for the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System.  During our next Webinar, System Architect Gary Ham will demonstrate a live soapUI view into IPAWS-OPEN 2.0 to show XML messages being transmitted to and from the system.

This program is intended primarily for third party IPAWS-OPEN developers and testers.  Please make plans to join us via Live Meeting. As always, your questions and comments are welcome.

IMPORTANT: The format of our Live Meeting has changed.  The audio portion will be delivered via your computer speakers and no telephone bridge will be provided for attendees.  The primary reason for this is to eliminate audio quality problems associated with using a bridge. The Live Meeting client must be used in order to receive the audio. Prior to the program, all attendees are urged to review the revised instructions available from:

(1) Login to MS Live Meeting for visuals: The following login link can only be used 30 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time:https://www.livemeeting.com/cc/eiip/join?id=DMprogram&role=attend

If you are unable to attend this month’s meeting due to other commitments, a recording will be accessible from FEMA.gov.

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