SETI – Open Standards, Securely Implemented

It is time to let everyone know or the exciting new work that I am pursuing.  While I still support FEMA’s IPAWS program, I am now also acting as Chief Architect for a new company named Secure Exchange Technology Innovations (SETI), Inc.   SETI focuses on providing the capability for managing and controlling standards-based information exchange using content and topic base routing.  Our software is designed to provide a way of getting information to and from organizations and systems of all kinds without having to face the infamous “n*(n-1)” conundrum.  We do content and topic based routing with controlled authorization and distribution permissions defined by our using systems.  For those of you who know IPAWS, it is sort of like IPAWS, but expanded to information of all types, and to industry beyondGovernment (yet including Government, if needed). And because each of our implementations can be separate, we can configure the security to be as tight, or as lax, as desired by our customer organizations.  Finally, we do not compete in creation, analysis, or display of content. We focus only on collection and distribution.  Because of this, we can act as a firewall for needed communication between otherwise competing systems and organizations.  Our customers control the permissions; we provide the implementation; all in a manner that dramatically reduces the inter-system dependency caused system-to-system communication requirements.

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