IPAWS version 3.08 in Test Environment.


IPAWS Operational Users and Developers,

IPAWS-OPEN version 3.08 has been deployed to the FEMA Test Environment (TDL) for initial testing and may be accessed now by IPAWS compatible Alert Origination System developers with current MOAs.  We expect to formally begin User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on March 12, 2015, with anticipated deployment to the FEMA Production Environment on April 15, 2015.  …..  Upon successful testing and acceptance, IPAWS will send the updated IPAWS-OPEN 3.08 Interface Design Guidance document to developers with current MOAs.

Primary changes in this version include improvements to response codes and re-alignment of validation to better match channel processing.  For most developers there will be little if any change to what has already been built.  It would be a good idea, however to test you current release against what is in TDL beginning March 12 and report any issues you may have to ipaws@fema.dhs.gov with subject line “IPAWS-OPEN 3.08 issue”.  It is likely that there will be no issues, but it is important to test your software to be certain.

Release notes are also available for developers with IPAWS MOA’s from the IPAWS mail box link above.

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