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You know you are old when….

You remember new members of the # MLB Hall of Fame as rookies. Ken Griffy, Jr.

VRE Delays

Yesterday the first VRE train of the day killed someone, literally.  No one said, but I am guessing a suicide where someone jumped in front of the train. Suicide or accident, it affected 5000 commuter who did not get to work on time and probably 30000 more from the added traffic on I 95 north from Fredericksburg.  Was the victim so self-absorbed that he could not see the effect his act would have on others? Or, are we (the others) so self-absorbed that we dwell more on the problems he caused for us instead of being empathetic to his plight in the world?  Your call.

Does texting inhibit grammar and writing skill? Maybe not.

Check this link for an interesting perspective on the texting generation: