Nights Six, Seven and Eight – St. Andrews NB

St Andrews by the Sea is a beautiful small town at the end of a peninsula. These pictures were taken from the outside seating in a small restaurant with good food and reasonable prices. I could summer here for sure.  A truly wonderful place.StAndrews1 StAndrews2_cloud StAndrews3

Nights Five and Six – Near Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor has exquisite scenery, but the town is an overcrowded tourist trap.  The traffic is horrendous and the roads in an out were in heavy construction to the point that we drove on 8 miles of jolting rocks to get there. That said, I did consume two Maine lobsters and we did enjoy the scenery. The campground “Narrows Too” was OK, but a bit dusty. But we met our caravan crew there. Lots of old folks from all over the U. S. plus one from Canada. Age range from about fifty to eighty-four.  Mostly couples, but 2 singles.  24 Motor home in all, headed for Saint Andrews by the Sea in Canada as our next stop.

Fourth Night – New Hampshire

Wakeda Campground in New Hampshire was very nice. Wooded, but accessible and easy for a big rig maneuvering.  Breakfast in the morning at a nearby apple orchard named Applecrest Farm.  Truly fantastic.  Yes we do exist. It is not just a motorhome picture this time. 🙂New_Hampshire_Farm_BreakfastNH_Farm_Linda

Third Night – New York

Yep. This is a picture of a KOA campground half way between New York City and Albany. This campground has the feel of being in the middle of nowhere.  There are LOTS and LOTS of trees.  The nearest restaurant is 7 miles away. The roads are small and narrow. The closest industry is a state penal facility. Still, the campground is crowded and cramped (which perhaps preps the campers here for the advertised bus trips from here into New York City itself).

Second Night – North of Harrisburg

Another short day (150 miles).  Actually this was originally planned as for as our first night before we decided to avoid leaving DC on a Monday morning.  Hot weather, but an easy drive.  We did avoid a thunderstorm by stopping so early in the day.  Twin Grove CampgTwinGroveround is a bit out of the way.  But no freeway noise, and nice overall. Pennsylvania scenery is nice, but we are looking forward to a lot more as we go north.

First Night – Winchester Virginia

Definitely a short trip (only 86 miles) as a first leg, but allowed us to not be in a hurry to leave the house, and to go around the DC traffic on a Monday Morning. Photo from Candy Hill Campground in Winchester, Virginia. CandyHill

Long Sabbatical – Leaving Today

First long time off since since 1991. Used to do it fairly often with change of station who I was an active duty Marine, but that time has long passed. Since I “retired” back in 1993 I have worked steadily with very little time away. But today my wife and I are off on a slow RV trip to the Canadian Maritimes. We will not be back until the end of August. Our son is watching the house, so we have all that covered. Looking forward to a great trip.  And maybe even back working with IPAWS when we get back. 🙂


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