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Still Going Strong at Virginia DMV

I originally thought I was in for 3 to 6 months. It has now been one year and I have been approved for a one year extension. Here is a secret for all you consultants out there. Empower your customers! Emphasize the value that they bring to their own projects. Teach them how to do without you. My experience tells me that you may find that the environment you help create gives you more opportunity in the long run. Not less. My point — you do not have to be come indispensable (“all contractors are dispensable”). You just have to add more value than you cost. Multiplying the value of others is a good way to do that.

Software and BPR Process Mentoring

I continue to work with the Virginia DMV in support of their Systems Redesign project. It is their process, but I have the great pleasure of helping them decide how they want to approach the many issues that come up every day. The whole thing is based on choosing the best approach to preparing for actual implementation using the Iconix Software Engineering process, but doing so in a way that supports the specific needs of the Virginia DMV. The project is large, and so is the BPR team, so the need for specific requirements traceability is is perhaps more pronounced than it is for typical Iconix implementations, where teams are generally smaller and less diverse in technical and functional background. The DMV has defined an approach. I think that they are on the right track. I look forward to a very busy Spring and Summer helping them make it work.