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The "Grandpa" Concept

The Grandpa Ham "Concept of Operations"

I (Grandpa Ham) am one of group of experienced professionals who are dedicated to the proposition that a person's value does not fade with age, but patience with typical corporate and government bureaucratic structure does. So, I have made myself available using this website. Hopefully, it will allow me to bring my demonstrated skills to market with as little bureaucratic overhead as possible. In order to make this work I define my available skills, follow a written creed, and get paid using a simplified, straightforward business model.

There are more like me!

We are gradually building a loose association of Grandpas and Grandmas offering a variety of technical and functional skills. We are an association of people who can make a difference:

Are you one of us?

If you have established skill's and would like to work under the conditions of Grandpa's Creed and Business Model, contact me. I can help.

Remember, "Grandpa Can Do IT!!"