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Grandpa's Business Model

How to Put Grandpa Ham to work for you

My time is measured in hours made available on a calendar. Available hours are indicated for each day. If the calendar is not marked, I am not available. If it ismarked available, then you can purchase my hours in one of three categories:

Other Factors

I am an independent contractor, not an employee. You buy a block of hours, I work a block of hours. I pay my own taxes. I keep good records. There will be no under the table activity. Ordering hours by credit card or PayPal is accepted and even encouraged.

Negotiation is simple. You call me with a task. Describe it is as much or as little detail as you prefer. I let you know whether I think I can do it and let you know my price per hour. I do not do fixed price, but I will provide an estimate of the hours I think will be required or (in the case of something complicated) an estimate of the time needed to build an effective estimate.

You pay up front for a block of hours, but you do not have to pay for an entire engagement up front. You may order in increments as small as 5 hours, depending on the job. So, if you do not likemy work at the end of an increment, let me go. You will have no long term contractual commitment, even if our initial plan incuded a longer engagement.

While I do deliver results, I do not contract for specific "deliverables" in a formal contracting sense. (Of course, I can help you and your team build them for your contracts). I will, however, sign non-disclosure agreements and similar documents to ensure that your intellectual property, trade secrets, and other business interests are in no way violated.

Federal Agency Clients

Since my business model does not work under the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), I have partnered with Evolution Technologies, Inc. to provide my services to Federal Clients. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business, they can legally accept the sort of small small sole source procurements needed to at least come close to my "Other Factors." State and Local Agencies with similar regulations may also find this relationship to be advantageous. Let's talk.

Grandpa Can Do IT!!