Grandpa’s Creed

A “Grandpa” is not:

  • Your boss: He does not need to get anything out of you. So, he is not going to bribe or coerce you to be productive. That is your decision.
  • Your co-worker: He will not compete with you for position or influence.
  • Your slave labor: He works hard and is willing to accomplish things that you need to get done, but his real interest is helping you help yourself. Improving your capability and productivity gives him real satisfaction.
  • A stranger off the street: He thinks of himself as family. So, he has a real interest in your success.

He may be “Family,” but he is also not:

  • Your father: He has no illusions of authority.
  • Your mother: He will not over-nurture you and stunt your growth, nor will he nag you
    incessantly to toe his personal line. You have a brain and it is probably as good, or better, than his.
  • Your Sibling: No sibling rivalry here. He will not try to one-up you in any way. He knows that it is YOUR world, not his.

So, Who is a Grandpa (or Grandma)?

He is a fairly “seasoned” citizen with a breadth of knowledge in a number of areas that comes just from adapting to the changes that society has undergone over the years. He also has depth of knowledge (expertise) in one or more particular areas. It may be a fairly rare niche capability (e.g., battery engineering). Or it may be something more generally known (e.g., business management or software engineering techniques) where his long history gives him a unique perspective that cannot be learned from textbooks alone. In either case, his key value is a genuine interest in passing on his knowledge and experience to those who can use it and grow a future from it. If you need help or assistance “Grandpa Can Do It!” And, just as often, “Grandma Can Do It!” as well.

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