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Gary “Grandpa” Ham

I am a grandpa. Besides having grandchildren, it also means that I am a fairly “seasoned” citizen with a breadth of IT and functional knowledge, depth of knowledge in some areas, and a track record of knowing, for the most part, what works and what doesn’t. Like all grandpas, I am interested in passing on my knowledge and experience whenever I am wanted. I am a mentor, a passionate thinker, an enabler of learning, and a life-long learner myself.

Technical Capabilities

Full life cycle competence in object-oriented software engineering based on a unique combination of information technology, financial management, academic, and leadership experience. An experienced analyst, designer, and developer with a clear understanding of business process as well as software architecture. Experienced in CMMI compliant process definition and SCAMPI assessment. Experienced in Business Process Reengineering and software requirements development using a scenario-driven model based approach that provides complete traceability from Subject Matter Expert defined requirements through code implementation in a well defined Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). A capable instructor, mentor, and catalyst for innovative solutions in a variety of IT environments. Comfortable working in wide variety of CASE tools, programming languages, and modeling notations. Current emphasis on systems engineering support to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for emergency systems interoperability using standards based web-services in a SOA Environment. (Resume in Detail.)


  • Business Process Re-engineering – a process for developing a “requirements baseline” consisting of scripted scenarios and linked requirements written in consistent language that can be used for business transformation. These scenarios and requirements also provide business level software requirements to govern any any software development and/or software acquisition needed to support that transformation. (More detail.)
  • Use Case Identification and Requirements Definition – “Just-in-Time” Analysis – a process for the identification of system requirements leading to use case identification that is both light weight and still DOD Architecture Framework compatible. I can teach a two-day course or provide training and planning to an analysis team with occasional review and assistance during the process.
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design – I am an advocate for a relatively lightweight, yet highly productive software development process that uses only the best parts of UML to take requirements through to code. This process, known as the ICONIX process, was developed by Doug Rosenberg, founder of ICONIX Software Engineering. I teach courses in this process through his company. Please follow the link, and ask that “Gary from Virginia” teach your ICONIX “Jump Start” course. Note: In this case, payment and all preparations must be made through ICONIX.
  • XML Schema Design and Specification
  • Data Modeling and data structure design (UML, XML, IDEF1X, SQL, DDL…..or you name it)
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) – Information Exchange Package Document (IEPD) development
  • Emergency Management Implementation Support for Emergency Management Technical Committee Standards:
    • Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)
    • Emergency Data Exchange Language(EDXL) Distribution Element
    • EDXL Hospital Availability Exchange (EDXL-HAVE)
    • EDXL Emergency Resource Messaging
  • IPAWS – Open Platform for Emergency Networks (IPAWS-OPEN) – FEMA contracted to help vendors connect. Click for Details.

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