Long Sabbatical – Leaving Today

First long time off since since 1991. Used to do it fairly often with change of station who I was an active duty Marine, but that time has long passed. Since I “retired” back in 1993 I have worked steadily with very little time away. But today my wife and I are off on a slow RV trip to the Canadian Maritimes. We will not be back until the end of August. Our son is watching the house, so we have all that covered. Looking forward to a great trip.  And maybe even back working with IPAWS when we get back. 🙂


The Legend of Gnome Ann

My kind of woman!! http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/gnome_ann.png

You know you are old when….

You remember new members of the # MLB Hall of Fame as rookies. Ken Griffy, Jr.

The definition of “glitch” covers almost a whole p…

The definition of “glitch” covers almost a whole page of text.

“Glitch” is a Formal Liability Insurance Term

“Glitch” is a formal liability insurance term used by the Hartford to describe IT issues it covers. Guess it is more inclusive than “bug.” The definition of “glitch” covers almost a whole page of text.

Resiliency may improve reliability on the whole, but………..

Resiliency supports reliability, but sometimes, and in IT especially, all the extra services like backups, alternate sites, automatic failover, automated retry, etc. add so many parts that things seem like they are always breaking somewhere.  With the right design, the system itself does not fail. But damn, there is a lot to monitor and fix all the time to make that larger failure not happen.  Yep, that is #IPAWS; highly reliable, very resilient, and aways with some issue somewhere causing a problem.  But saving lives every day.

Cool Summer in DC

Warm today, but not unbearable. As I ride the train into town this morning, I cannot remember an August in recent years with better weather. Enough rain, but lower temperatures and humidity. Unfortunately, perfect for chickweed.  My lawn is a mess.

Weather on a Beautiful Morning

“Red sky at morn, sailors forewarned” but the weather forecasts say no rain. hmm….

Beautiful day for a train ride. Potomac river vie…

Beautiful day for a train ride. Potomac river view on a clear day. #VRE

VRE Delays

Yesterday the first VRE train of the day killed someone, literally.  No one said, but I am guessing a suicide where someone jumped in front of the train. Suicide or accident, it affected 5000 commuter who did not get to work on time and probably 30000 more from the added traffic on I 95 north from Fredericksburg.  Was the victim so self-absorbed that he could not see the effect his act would have on others? Or, are we (the others) so self-absorbed that we dwell more on the problems he caused for us instead of being empathetic to his plight in the world?  Your call.