About the poetry

I have always been an amateur poet. It is not great poetry, but it says a lot about how I look at the world. There are four poems on the site. The first is kind of geeky, representing CORBA design principles that certainly still apply in the world of Service Oriented Architecture, even if we have moved to Web Services and the like. The second goes all the way back to middle school. It looks like an anti-war poem at first glance. It was not meant to be so. It is meant more as a warning against falling prey to fanaticism of any kind (which would include being fanatically anti-war, as well). Fanaticism clouds our thinking to the point that we lose our own sense of mission. It is almost always self-defeating. The third is simply a commitment to the love of my life. The final poem was written during an introspective period before I met my love and represents the desire for a real, enduring love. Luckily for me, it was actually possible.

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