Presenting the EDXL-DE: Sending NIEM Content AND Custom Format in the Same EDXL-DE Message

A raw demonstration of a very usable capability.

The DE offers implementers a unique opportunity: the ability to send message content within one contentObject tag and an XSLT for displaying that content in the originator’s desired format in another, all within the same message. On Wednesday August 19, I will demonstrate how this works on line to the DM-OPEN Special Interest Group (SIG) at noon Eastern Time via Microsoft Live Meeting. I will retrieve a DE created by the folks at Evolution Technologies from DM-OPEN, and then display it in a browser as the sender intends it to be seen. This is brand new to me so I will not have written all of the code to do it all “automagically.” (I may have it done by then but do not promise.) So, you will have to put up with some cut-and paste and manual file creation, but I will be doing it live so you can see the process and visualize for yourself how you might automate it in your system. And guess what? The content is from a NIEM IEPD.

(I sure hope I do not have a Bill Gates Moment! 🙂 )

Here are some Live Meeting Instructions and the call-in information:

IMPORTANT: If you have not logged into Live Meeting before, check out the following connection instructions and participant guidelines prior to next week’s meeting:

(1) Login to MS Live Meeting for visuals: The following login link can only be used 30 minutes prior to the scheduled meeting time:

(2) Call into the Conference Bridge number as follows: 1 (800)366-7242; Pin 3647 6736#.

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