Remembering the Original Vision for Disaster Management Interoperability Services

The italics below contain a Facebook entry by Neil Bourgeois to his friends, repeated with his permission:

Remembering those who sacrificed all on 9/11. Also remembering everyone who made DMIS Fastrack happen after that. You would be pleased to know that the next generation DMIS and INTEROP has a bright future, which was built off a firm foundation that many of you worked so hard to put in place. Also remembering Charlie Bell, he would also have been pleased to see how far things have gone.

Charlie Bell was the original Marine Corps Program Manager for what is now FEMA’s DM-OPEN and DM-Framework. Charlie died before he could see his vision fully operational, but it was his vision that started the program, even before 9/11. Charlie, your vision became our passion on 9/11. It is now well on its way to becoming a national asset. You can be proud. We miss you, but we know you are watching.

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